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Background blur

Blur the actual background in the webcam video feed automatically. Configure the power of blur function in runtime.

Background replace

Replace the background with any custom image in runtime. Animate the background. Add more fun to communication.

Background remove

Get a video frame with a transparent background. Use segmentation mask for any custom post processing.

See of how segmentation works

We are optimizing the model for the real cases: simple webcams, not great lightning, cluttered background.


Few more examples of real segmentation

Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Web

Virtual Background - segmentation example

Your clients will look more professional on the video meetings

Background replacements and background blur in real time video meetings are in high demand since 2021. A lot of people, especially who is working from home, pay special attention to how they look and what impression their environment gives. Background filters help them to hide messy rooms, some inappropriate elements or add valuable information on the background, for example, company logo or QR code with important information. Therefore, users prefer real-time video platforms that have tools for background replacement and blurring.

That high demad is confirmed by top leading video meetings platforms who have launch this functionality. For instance, Zoom brings to the live most impressive implementation of virtual background functionality from the point of quality and resource consumption.

Google has added they own implementation to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams has been using similar functionality since 2019. Skype introduced the functionality in April 2020.

Companies that provide users with such platforms and WebRTC video chat applications must include this functionality to remain competitive in the market.

Side by side background segmentation comparison


Zoom Virtual Background VS Effects SDK


Skype Virtual Background VS Effects SDK


Google Meet Virtual Background VS Effects SDK


MediaPipe Virtual Background VS Effects SDK


Vectorly Virtual Background VS Effects SDK


Banuba Virtual Background VS Effects SDK

Take a look at our demo applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and the Web. Get an understanding of how our AI effects work in real environments.

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