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Video editors

Modern Web technologies allow to create rich and useful application working in a browser. New trend of software development is Software As A Service, consumers just do not want to setup a new program for quick adjusting their fun video. With our Web SDK it's easy to add heavily AI model processing and immersive effects to your application in a few lines of code. A pipeline of integration is extremely simple: provide us with media stream and receive processed media stream back for your further usage.

  • Online real-time processing
  • Improve already recorded video with custom effects

Video chats

Big players in the video platform market such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype understand that it is very important to provide opportunities for their users to improve the comfort of communication and already have, for example, a built-in Virtual Background. And although video chats were originally used mainly for informal friendly communication, during the pandemic, many companies organize communication with both colleagues and customers online. A business look and high-quality picture became significant factors. Actually a working mood is not greatly helped by the view of the living room or the beach in the background of the employee. Of course, it is better to organize a quality workplace with a beautiful environment, but this is difficult if you are constantly on the move and do not want to carry additional equipment with you besides a laptop.

  • For fun and entertainment
  • For comfort and confidence communications
  • Suitable environment for every case

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