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Use all your screen space smartly

Online presentation are often used for public webinars. They have become very interactive with online questionnaires, text chats and sharing of materials. Switching between different presentation modes usually requires manual layout adjustments to decide where a speaker video and where an active document should be located. With custom layouts and especially with removing unnecessary background from a speaker's video stream, you can utilize all screen space smartly. Important Capabilities for Presentation Services:

  • Show additional content on the
  • Brand the scene
  • Switch to screen sharing mode with the speaker remaining visible to users

Your cameraman is always with you

When a webinar goes live from a studio and a speaker constantly changes his(he) location for using additional tools (marker board, flip chart, some hardware tool) or inviting a guest it for sure makes streams more interesting, but it requires a cameraman to keep the speaker in the frame. With Auto framing it's easy to get a cameraman experience using just software frame processing. Combine this with a custom predefined layout and you can significantly improve the user experience - you are always on screen and using the same location on the frame.

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