Virtual Webcams


Easy opportunity to improve user experience.

With the advent of video cameras, there was also a need to share it with several applications. It is surprising that such a natural and popular functionality has not yet been implemented for many modern operating systems. It creates a market and opportunities for virtual webcams. Each virtual camera, in addition to solving the main task, acquires additional functionality: processing of video frames.


Virtual webcam advantages

Additional processing implemented on the virtual webcam side, for example, background blurring or replacing allows you to use it with any application, which increases the value of these solutions. It’s easy to add all the possibilities provided by our SDK:

  • Virtual background - hiding, blurring, replacing the background can significantly reduce the load on the processor if this functionality is used by several applications, because all calculations and operations are carried out in one place.
  • AI Denoise and AI color grading - allow you to get better picture quality even for budget web cameras, which is especially important for laptops, where it is often impossible to change the built-in camera.

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